.: Cercasi un fine and Political training

.: About us

“The worker knows 100 words,

the master 1000,

for this reason he is the master”.

don Lorenzo Milani

* about us

  • “Cercasi un fine” [In search of aim] is both a publication and a non-profit organization, founded in 2008; its activities date back to 2002 and include a network of schools that offer political training.
  • Participants include Christians, as well as men and women of diverse cultures and religions, committed to working for a more just, peaceful and beautiful society. 

* what we do

  • We promote courses of political training, within the framework of the human sciences — foundational values of the Italian Constitution and the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church. 
  • Since 2002 we have promoted more than 50 schools in Puglia, Rome, Caserta, Matera, Novara and Marsala (Tp). In 2019-2020 there are 10 active schools: Minervino (Bt); Andria (Bt); Bari – Ordine dei medici; Giovinazzo (Ba); Marsala (Tp); Cerignola (Fg); Roma – parr. S. Barnaba; Novara; Corato (Ba); Grumo (Ba); Bari –  Parr. S. Marcello; Massafra (Ta).
  • We publish a journal on culture and politics, called “Cercasi un fine” — established in 2005 and now on its 108d issue — online at www.cercasiunfine.it 
  • We organize meetings, debates and conferences on cultural and political themes.
  • We promote collaborative projects with centers of study, cooperatives and associations in view of realizing projects.
  • From May 2018, we opened a counseling center and teaching of Italian language for foreigners, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with guests from India, Tunisia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Venezuela, Poland, Egypt, Peru, USA, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Albania, Morocco, China and other countries.

* what we would like to do

  • We are working to realize a project, called “Cercasi una casa” [In search of an house] which would be an actual physical space from which to run the numerous initiatives of the Association “Cercasi un fine”, that is, a centre in which to offer training programs to youth, politicians, public administration personnel, workers from the tertiary sector, environmental groups and immigrants.  

for more information, go to www.cercasiunfine.it